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31 August 2007

Diamond Dust

diamond dust copy

One of the best television shows of all time had to be Arrested Development, a zany documentary style comedy about a dysfunctional and slightly criminal family involved in financial scandal. Jason Batemen played Micheal Bluth, a widower with a confused teenage son (George-Micheal played by Michael Cera who is currently starring in Superbad) and completely self centered and insane extended family. Hijinks ensue.

One of the more hilarious incidents involves George-Micheal purchasing diamond dust for his girlfriend Ann. At a later point, his uncle, Tobias smears the diamond dust all over his body causing him to look like a giant silver member of the blue man group. I won't even attempt to explain further--just netflix it!

So, what does a necklace have to do with it all? I was perusing the Internet and I ran across a collection of diamond dust encased in jewelry at Individual Icons. It was just too perfect so I had to post it for all of my fellow Arrested Development fans. A quick Google search turned up at least one other source of diamond dust jewelry: Uncommon Goods. Individual Icons has a wider selection, including cuff links, but is a little pricier. Another product that Arrested Development fans might get a kick out of is the crushed pearl powder released by Fresh as part of the now discontinued Memoirs of Geisha line. I actually purchased this powder and it is divine! It makes my uber pale skin glow and shimmer in a way that makes one wonder why anybody would ever tan. The only draw back is that every time my husband sees the package he giggles because all he can think is "diamond dust."
Images from, amazon and wikipedia

30 August 2007

Opera length gloves

glove montage copy

I first became obsessed with long gloves several years ago when I found some longish cashmere gloves at Nordstrom. I liked the look and I liked the extra warmth the provided against subzero temperatures. The obsession was taken to the next level when I found a small cache of elbow length leather gloves at TJ Maxx of all places! I purchased in black and hot pink. I love the way they look when holding a clutch purse or when worn with a 3/4 length sleeve. One cannot tell if the black pair are a little lady like or a little S&M and I love it! But, they are not long enough! Not fancy enough! I want debutante worthy, soft as butter, blemishless white opera gloves.

My ultimate quest is for white over the elbow second skin fitted gloves, like the ones that the lovely Carmen Kass is wearing in the large shot from the Versace show. It would be a bonus if they had little slits beneath the wrists held together with delicate little buttons, that allowed one to flip just the glove up off the hand as the women did in the Age of Innocence dinner scene.
I told you I am obsessed! I first tried to obtain such gloves about a year ago from an online vendor to go with my wedding dress. Tragically they sagged at the elbows and looked as if the leather had come from a very weather beaten sad...if only I had been married one season later! But, still I quest. Today, I have visions of attending the State Opera in Vienna or the Met in New York in the early winter, hair elegantly swept up and shining, black dress skimming the floor and of course gorgeous white over the elbow gloves protecting my arms from the cold.

Given the profusion of fabulously long gloves in the Fall 2007 collection I just may get my wish (well the glove part of it anyway). While I find the embellished gloves shown by Christian Lacroix fabulous, I think I am a purist at heart and will still opt for an unembellished pair, like the ones shown at Versace, Yves St Laurent and Valentino. After all, I have been fixating on these gloves for at least two years! It would probably be a let down to get anything but the classic white. E-luxury already has about a dozen different opera length options from Carolina Amato including white! I was in Bloomingdales the other day and they had an almost affordable pair of just beneath the elbow black gloves! A quick click over to Net-a-porter and one is accosted (today anyway) by a vixen wearing the most lust inducing gloves yet, which sadly are not listed for sale (have they sold out so soon? or are they one their way?). I think I will wait another month or two until the fall collections are fully out to decide where to buy my dream gloves!
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29 August 2007

Stylemepretty inspiration board contest

stylemepretty inspiration board

While I might already be married, I find wedding magazines and websites difficult to resist. There is just something about the beautiful pictorials of expensive dresses, sparkly jewels and vibrant flowers that sucks me in every time! Style me Pretty is a wedding blog that I frequent which is pure eye candy! Currently Style Me Pretty is having an inspiration board contest. Over the past week brides and wannabe brides have submitted look boards of their dream wedding. This board by Betty is one of my favorites! Even if you are not getting married, if you enjoy interesting design or beautiful pictures you will enjoy perusing the myriad inspirations boards posted. You can even vote for your favorite!

28 August 2007

J.Crew in Paris? Not so Chic.

jcrew fall 07 montage

When I think J.Crew I think classic American preppy. Argyle, mini critter covered pants, taffeta tartan...these themes figure prominently in J.crew's latest collection. What part of this design sensibility says Parisian? I must say I just don't understand J.crew's latests advertising campaign-"J.crew in Paris." Just about the only thing that connects most of J.crew's clothing to Paris is the fact that preppy American girls like to go to Paris, where if they choose to wear a sweater with a large bright yellow bird on it they will be ostracized for their lack of fashion sense and blatant Americaness. An extensive video, found on J.crew's front page, of a skinny preppy girl jumping up and down and making kissy faces all around Paris in knee high argyle socks worn with pink satin mary jane high heels epitomizes the oddness of this campaign. There are plenty of glamorous American locations which would reinforce the preppy all-American J.crew brand image...I think the director of advertising just wanted a all expenses paid vacation in Paris.
Image from J.crew