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28 August 2007

J.Crew in Paris? Not so Chic.

jcrew fall 07 montage

When I think J.Crew I think classic American preppy. Argyle, mini critter covered pants, taffeta tartan...these themes figure prominently in J.crew's latest collection. What part of this design sensibility says Parisian? I must say I just don't understand J.crew's latests advertising campaign-"J.crew in Paris." Just about the only thing that connects most of J.crew's clothing to Paris is the fact that preppy American girls like to go to Paris, where if they choose to wear a sweater with a large bright yellow bird on it they will be ostracized for their lack of fashion sense and blatant Americaness. An extensive video, found on J.crew's front page, of a skinny preppy girl jumping up and down and making kissy faces all around Paris in knee high argyle socks worn with pink satin mary jane high heels epitomizes the oddness of this campaign. There are plenty of glamorous American locations which would reinforce the preppy all-American J.crew brand image...I think the director of advertising just wanted a all expenses paid vacation in Paris.
Image from J.crew

2 comments: said...

Hey thanks for your comment on my blog! Well, I dunno, could that bird be a pigeon? Is Paris famous for pigeons perhaps? I dunno, that's surely more a London thing. Yeah, chances are they all just fancied a bit of a Parisian jaunt...!

Chic and Charming said...

Thinking about it, J.crew has a bit of a toff-ish English design sensibility as well. Maybe they should have shot in London!