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18 September 2007

Big hair is back for evening

emmy hair

I am swooning for the romantic big hair that seemed so popular at the Emmys this year. Many actresses went with classic old-Hollywood style dresses and looks this year, which in my opinion is fabulous. I LOVE glamor. I would say my favorite hair-makeup look of the evening was on the beautiful Heidi Klum, with the side swept curls and the red lips--she look like romance personified. Ellen Pompeo manages to pull off hair that could win awards for defying gravity. I think I'm too distracted by the fabulousness of her cat eye eyeliner to make impartial decisions about her hair. My final example of glamazon big hair is Jenna Fischer, whose hair might not be THAT big, but I always admire a well done back comb. I've never been able to achieve the look myself, I'm too afraid of creating an untamable rats nest and having to shave my head.

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Perfectly Plump Preppy 2.0 said...

Don't worry about creating a rats nest, that is why god made leave in conditioner. :) Now go do that back comb.

WendyB said...

That's interesting about god. Recently I was discussing how god made hair pieces to make big hair possible :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohh I so wish I could be better at doing things with my hair cause its really long and easy to curl beautyfully but I really suck att do something with it. If I was better then I would defenetly do something like Heidi Klums! One of my other favourites for this autumn in hair-way is the peek-a-boofringe that Gucci showed on the catwalk. So damn pretty!