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07 September 2007

A cautionary tale

A few months ago I was vigorously blogging at another identity on I decided that I wanted to change for many reasons, so I started up my new blog here at Today I went back to my old blog address, which I had deleted. I was not surprised to find that someone had signed up for the address with blogger and posted a bunch of ads. I was surprised to find that they had completely usurped my identity, copying my layout and color scheme and even stealing and posting my custom made banner! So now MY banner, with MY face on it is on top of someone else's blog. I tried to post a comment or contact them to tell them to take down my banner, but was not successful. I'm so angry!!! Somewhat at myself for not retaining the old address on blogger and just leaving it empty, but mostly at this unknown sleaze who has stolen my identity!!

Post script: If something like this ever happens to you on blogger, you can report it here:


a. said...

The same thing happened to me!!! I contacted blogger - I worked for a lawyer at the time so that came in handy!

Glad you dropped by my blog - I am adding you to my daily reading :-)

Chic and Charming said...

Thanks for the tip! It is nice to know I am not alone.

flutterbyblue said...

I think this is absolutely horrible! :( Not only did they steal your name, but also your look! Pretty disgusting...will you be able to do anything about this???