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18 September 2007

Chic and Charming podcast: Initial Show Format


Cocktail Conversation:
a summary of 4 of our favorite news stories from the week to keep our listeners informed and ready to dazzle with scintillating conversation at their next cocktail party or dinner engagement.

Hot Post: Sophia offers a dramatic reading of either her favorite or the most commented on post of the week, along with reader comments.

Gadget Guru: Marilyn talks about her favorite new gadget, and why you can't live without it.

Chic and Charming Person of the Week: Sophia love bombs her favorite bloggers, actors, authors and musicians.

Fab Finds: Marilyn and Sophia discuss some of their favorite beauty, homekeeping and clothing purchases.

Feature Story: A detailed discussion of whatever topic we pick to chat about that week. Some weeks we will do "ask the expert" segments where we interview an "expert" in a given area. We will announce "ask the expert" segments in the previous podcast and put up a post on where you can post your questions for our expert.

Technical testing begins tomorrow!

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