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25 September 2007

Chic Women: Mary-Kate, the anti-Zoe

mk copy

It is so refreshing to see a self-styled star. I came home this evening to find Mary-Kate's beautiful face smiling serenely out from my mailbox, which is a rare occurrence in itself since she refuses to smile for the paparazzi in hopes that they will stop stalking her. She is the Harper’s Bazaar cover girl for October, most likely to promote her new acting gig on Weeds. Watching the clips of her just now made me want to bump this show up to the top of my netflix cue! Her charter seems intriguing. Back to the Harper's feature, I quickly flipped to the article on Miss Olsen, where she is sporting some wildly orange hair as she vogues with Lauren Hutton. In one spread she is wearing on of those crazy chunky knit hats a la Giles that I am hoping will be everywhere this fall. I love the fact that Mary Kate is completely self styled. Early this week I jumped to the NYT magazine article about Rachel Zoe from Capital Hill Barbie’s blog and it left a very bad taste in my mouth. Zoe came off as ignorant, self centered and cocky, even the author of the article had thinly veiled contempt for the uber stylist. The Zoe article revealed the overwhelming prevalence of stylists amongst starlets and celebutants, something I always expected was common, but I never realized the true pervasiveness until reading this article. Olsen may occasionally make fashion mistakes, but at least they are her mistakes. She has a strong style sense and recognizes the importance of tending her mind as much as her body. After all, despite the fact she is already a multi-millionaire with a successful career she decided to go to college. I hope she and her sister transition successfully into adult acting and remain true to their independent style spirits, so that we can continue to admire them for years to come.


Catie said...

Right on! I too appreciate how MK (and Ash) are self-styled like the rest of the world and echo your statement that when they do make a mistake, at least it's their own. That NYT article also opened my eyes to the level of saturation of stylists and their relationship with celebrities/the industry. I didn't know it was that pervasive either. These two, however, are savvy enough to have true staying power.

Ondo Lady said...

Amen to that, I mean how difficult is it to go out, buy a dress and put it on? I read an article about Rachel Zoe and she did come across as smug and a woman who knows she has all the balls in her corner. It is amazing how much the designers kiss her butt and boy does she love it!!

Anonymous said...

I did know how pervasive stylists are, but Zoe is so annoying.

To me, and this is just my opinion, all of the people she works with look the same. So that translates to she doesn't actually have real talent. If she did, each of her clients would have their own look to call their. Even if someone else chose it. Instead they all look like Zoe-bots.

Chic and Charming said...

I totally agree! She only knows how to style clones of herself. I think her book is going to be very predictable and uninteresting.

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

love her looks!

The Spicers said...

I'm all for the anti-Zoe!

- said...

do u really think she is a anti-zoe? i think zoe gets inspired byt her,, and she gets inspired by zoe... it´s hollywood