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06 September 2007

From chick lit to chick flick: Bergdorf Blondes

bergdorf blondes casting

Way back in the olden days (2004) a fabulous little chick lit book called Bergdorf Blondes (BB) was published. According to my highly technical mathematical calculations, since the The Devil Wears Prada was published in 2003 and came out in movie form in 2006, BB should have been out this year. So, why have I heard nothing about this novel being made into a movie? I thought if I sent a few casting suggestion out into the world, maybe Hollywood would be inspired to finally make this little book into a little movie, which I suspect would be mindless and fabulously fashionable.

For those of you who might not recall the plot: The main characters "moi" and her bff forever heiress Julie Bergdorf are fabulous girls about town in NYC. Julie takes it into her mind that she wants the hottest accessories of the season: a handsome fiance and huge Harry Winston. By a scandalous turn of events, it is in fact moi who ends up engaged, to moody photographer Zach who is soon ignoring her completely. At her LA engagement party, after sobbing in the bathroom, moi meets Charlie who flirts with her for the rest of the evening. Moi then sets Charlie up with Julie back in New York, and the two appear to be getting along very nicely indeed. Charlie and Julie start dating, while moi continues to be ignored by her fiance. A subplot develops with moi trying to track down starlet of the moment Jazz for an interview (which she was first supposed to have conducted during her engagement party weekend in LA). Moi gets dumped by her fiance and proceeds to make her way through a series of unsuitable men on both sides of the Atlantic, while Julie appears to be cheating on sweet Charlie. Of course they all make their way to Paris at one point, and at another moi ends up at the fabulous du Cap in Cannes during the festival. While I will not give away the ending to those who have not read the book yet, I will say everything ends happily and bizarrely at a country mansion in England.

Julie: Personally, I think Julie should be played by the supernaturally gorgeous Kate Bosworth. I think it would be easy to make her into the perfect blonde heiress. But, for an ironic twist, Paris Hilton could essentially play herself. I threw in Lindsay Lohan for good measure, because she has apparently been tapped to play Paris Hilton in a biopic. Personally, I think Lindsay is a bit too freckled to play Julie.

Moi: My first choice for the beautiful, sweetly naive moi would be Sophia Bush. Although, I think Alexis Bledel and Zoey Deschanel would both be excellent in the part.

Jazz: The flighty superstar actress who is extremely difficult to schedule an interview with should be played by one of the Olsen twins! After all, they made their fortune acting and it would be nice to see them in a grown up part.

Zach: The moody photographer is supposed to be a Jude Law doppelganger, so I propose a bit of cheeky casting: Jude Law!

du Cap: This hotel is decadently beautiful and has been a glamorous destination for at least fifty years. With a back story like that, how could you not add the du Cap to the list of main characters? Generally speaking I propose shooting on location at all of the super glamorous hot spots listed in the book. I don't think the cast and crew will complain.

Charlie: This character is an all around good guy, the boy next door with beautiful blue eyes. In my mind Charlie can only be played by Tom Welling. In the interest of full disclosure I should state that I am totally in love with Tom Welling. But, still you have to agree he would be pretty perfect in this role.

Comments from the peanut gallery? Anyone else dying for this movie? Any other suggestions on casting? I'm especially interested in other suggestions for Julie and Moi!

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__ said...

YES! i can sooo see kate bosworth playing julie! you just reminded me how much i loooved that book! :o)

Anonymous said...

I think Ali Larter for Julie, maybe?

Ondo Lady said...

I read this book and found it to be very shallow and boring. Nothing really happens and all the characters are extremely vapid and one dimensional. You end up not caring about them at all. Devil Wears Prada was not a brilliant piece of fiction but compared to BB it was Booker Prize stuff. I am not holding my breath to see a movie on it.

Chic and Charming said...

I do think Ali would work well as Julie.

I agree the book is pretty shallow, but I found it less annoying than the Devil Wears Prada for some reason. I think it might be because in the Devil Wears Prada the main character is such a victim and you feel like she is smart enough to know better. Everyone in BB is pretty silly, so my standards were probably lower.

Ondo Lady said...

I agree with you totally about Andrea from DWP being very annoying and a complete victim. However DWP had an edge over BB with Miranda Priestley, she was so evil that she was totally captivating. The only reason I kept on reading was to find out what she did next.

Chic and Charming said...

Miranda was a fabulous character, and casting Meryl Streep in that part was pure genius!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I'm just about to start this book!