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19 September 2007

House, survivor style

I was kind of shocked when half the cast appeared to be leaving the tv show House at the end of last season. I figured they'd all be back, it was just one of your classic cliffhangers. Well, that appears to be untrue! I was watching the Emmy's and one of the red carpet hosts was interviewing this group of about five actors as a group. These actors are apparently the new lackeys for the upcoming season of House. It sounds like they started out with a group of like forty actors playing doctors who want to work for House. The doctors then go through a survivor style elimination over the first half of the season to determine who will be the final team. The guy who player Kumar (Kal Penn) in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle was among this cast, which I found amusing. Also, I recognized one of the actors as the Husband (Peter Jacobson) from Starter Wife. Sorry if you aren't fellow House fans! Hugh Laurie is one of my actor crushes. I just wish he got to talk in his English accent on the show. *swoon.*

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