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05 September 2007

The iPod fatty

I am not a techy person. Fortunately, my sister is an electrical engineer with a gadget fixation. Despite her avowed hatred of Apple (due to the fact all four iPod products she's owned have broken in under a year), she keeps me posted on the iGossip. I feel the need to pass on the info, perhaps I'll even ask her to do a guest column telling us about all the gadgets we never knew we desperately needed.
Anyway, to the point! Yesterday she sent me a hideous leaked image of what she affectionately calls the "iPod fatty," which I did not post because Apple threatened to sue those people who did post the "stolen photograph." Today, Apple announced their new holiday line up of iPods, including:
  • The "iPod touch," which is essentially the iPhone without the phone.
  • The new "iPod nano," which is in fact the "iPod fatty" pictured above. My sister claims that Apple stock dropped a dollar after Apple officially released pictures of the fatty. I checked out the ad for it on, and it might actually be pretty cute and small in person. However, that does not save it from looking like the fat girl in the line up online, which apparently has the Apple fans suprised and kind of grumpy.
  • The "iPod classic," which despite more memory is slimmer and cheaper than previous versions.
  • **As far as I can tell the shuffle is still available and is not new and improved like everything else.
I'm not even going to pretend to go into more detail, except to say they've randomly decided to slightly change their color offerings as well. If you are interested in all things iPod go check out iLounge.

Image from iLounge


Ondo Lady said...

I dunno, I kind of like the new Nano. I don't have an iPod yet but this new line has inspired me to buy one. It is cute and looks even more splendid in different colours.

Chic and Charming said...

I went to the Apple store today to check it out in person and you are right, it is very cute!! I like the color screen, I feel like I could watch little movies on the bus in the morning.

ralcony said...

I will admit that the Nano was cute but it still reminded me of a midget iPod...I'm holding out for the iPod Touch

Leaning Shanty Farm said...

My husband, like your sister, is an EE...and he also loathes Apple for pretty much the same reasons!

Why do I have to love Apple then? I do, though, I do.