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09 September 2007

Let's hope your cat has a sense of humor too


I think cats get a bad wrap. I mean really, it takes quite a sense of humor to tolerate a lime helmet or yellow yarn pig tales being attached to your head against your will. The picture of the cat wearing the lime hat has been around for quite a while. I had it as my desktop on my college computer for several months. So, when I came across eenodol on etsy, the shop immediately reminded of the poor cat in the lime hat who had been subjected to the whims of an owner who had enjoyed one too many margaritas. Eenodol must have a profoundly patient cat (and dog for that matter). If you too have a patient cat, who you believe is in desperate need of a costume this Halloween, you should go check out Eenodol! Prices range from $10-$28.
Images from eenodol and a pesky chain mail that I received five years ago


ArchiTraveler said...

The cat with the lime on its head is one of my favorite animal pics of all time.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, my cat would murder me in my sleep if I did this to him :-)

WendyB said...

The cat in the lime hat makes me cry with laughter!