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08 September 2007

Lost that Loving Feeling: Lucky


I remember when Lucky Magazine first came out. It was a revelation! It was fabulous! I was in L-O-V-E. But, the love has really started to fade. In fact, with each new issue my love dies that much more. I don't know what happened? Is it me? Does anyone else feel this way?

I think to some degree Daily Candy and Who What Wear Daily are to blame. I used to look forward to Lucky for the the latest dish on small new designers and cute new shops, especially when it came to jewelry. Now, I am more likely to find such information on a blog, in Daily Candy or on WWWD. The city insert in my Lucky seems especially useless because Daily Candy city edition just does it so much better!On that note, I must say I am still in love with Lucky's Blog, which has a little tidbit of shopping and styling information each day.

I also think a part of my love for Lucky died the day Domino spun off. I am still deeply in love with Domino. When Lucky first came out I was living at home or in a dorm, so I had little need for articles on cocktail parties and headboards. But now I spend about as much money and effort dressing my house as I do dressing my person. So, Domino has become an increasingly important source of information. Just imagine how my glossy allegiances will change when I actually buy a house and can paint the walls and choose my own bathroom fixtures!

But, I really feel like there might be something else going on. For example, I have very little love for the Lucky accessories editor. I almost always hate the Lucky shoe spreads. The purse spread in this latests issues is just kind of uninspiring. Perhaps this comes from the inherent difficulties in having to select 100 fabulous purses, without resorting to the current "it" bags.

I also don't get fashion babble with Andrea Linett, a one page spread which always brings up the rear of the magazine. I recall the editor's letter waxing poetic about Andrea's effortless chic, introducing fashion babel. Andrea and I have nothing in common in the style department, so I am rarely inspired by her spread.

Their choice of B-list actresses for cover models is also bizarre. I would rather see a random unknown model get her year made by appearing on a magazine cover than have to look at Mandy Moore or Sarah Michelle Gellar, AGAIN.

All I know is that in the olden days it would take me several hours to get through my Lucky, as I poured over each spread. I would HAVE to save half a dozen pages because I felt they had inspiring pictures or information about some designer I just had to look up. It took me about an hour to flip through October's Lucky, and there was not a single page that I felt compelled to save. So, what do you think? Is the honeymoon over? or are you still deeply in love with Lucky?


Anonymous said...

I got to the point where I could ignore all of their terrible grammar (making random nouns into adjectives...or adjectives into nouns likes punky or on trend) but yeah, that final Andrea Linnet page baffles me. She's never inspired my style. And their cover photos are so random.

Ondo Lady said...

Lucky magazine? I think we have something over here called Happy. It is ok except there is hardly anything to read but it has some lovely pictures.

Chic and Charming said...

If I remember correctly, I think Lucky is a lot like Happy. I always stock up on UK glossies when I'm over there or when a friend goes!

People St.Clair said...

I have to agree with you about Lucky. I can't get through it without being a bit bothered that everything I loved about the magazine is not there anymore.

Anonymous said...

hm, besides the German Lucky I also had always been pleased by the US Lucky but it got too business-lady-style and all, although I still like looking through the pictures.