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20 September 2007

Random Reader Giveaway

Today I recieved my 1,000th unique visitor since starting my blog, as per google analytics calculations. To celebrate I'm offering two little prizes!!

The first prize will be for the first blogger to comment on this post who has Chic and Charming on their blogroll! Once your comment has been approved and officially posted as the first comment, please email your blog address and your snail mail address to so that I can send you your suprise!

The second prize is for the blog who sent the most traffic my way via "referrals" or people who click on a link on their blog to come to my blog. The winner of this prize is Tres Poshe Preppy! So, ECM if you would like to recieve a suprise via snail mail as a thank you, email me your info!

Good luck and thank you for reading!

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Kori said...

I have Chic & CHarming on my blogroll! Yay!

Chic and Charming said...

Kori wins! Send me your info Kori, and if you didn't already get them for yourself, your prize will be the Betsey Johnson wink socks that you were lusting after on your blog a few days ago. Just tell me if you want them in white or pink! If you already got them I will find something else :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on #1,000! Keep up the great work. Love and kisses- Raging Rouge.