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03 September 2007

Retail Report: Labor Day 2007

malll rat

Welcome to my new feature, the retail report, where I self indulgently detail my shopping exploits for one and all! From what I bought to what I want to buy, but could probably never afford, you will see it all listed here.
  1. Today I was on a mission to find pants, and let me tell you it was high water city out there, looks like back to internet ordering for me. So, I succumbed to my skirt addiction. First up, I purchased the beautiful hot pink J.crew wrap skirt that I've been waiting to go on sale because $188 was just too much to spend on a cute cotton skirt. I must say after visiting the store, I continue to be befuddled by the J.crew in Paris campaign. This season most of the shirts in the store sport Liberty of London prints, so I could at least have seen London.
  2. In Bloomingdales, I was able to resist purchasing anything, but I have my eye on the super adorable red pave lip charm necklace from Juicy Couture. There was so much sparkle in that store it was ludicrous! Sequin city.
  3. I skimmed the selection at Banana Republic and for the most part was disappointed. I wish the trapeze style would dye a swift and sudden fashion death. I also wish that Banana Republic would start producing less items in Rayon. The new line of leather purses is amazing! But, it looks very familiar. Jcrew did something very similar last fall, at twice the price.
  4. Barney's is carrying long gloves, in both leather and knit, but no white! I amused myself by playing "how much do you think this costs" with my husband. He was terribly shocked to discover that a pair of black Louboutins with silver spikes, that would look at home in a sex shop, commanded almost $900. It was difficult for him to drag me out of the shop without this adorable Diptyque travel candle set.
  5. Next, I bought a deep blue denim pencil skirt at the Gap, where I also discovered that the Gap Body Liberty of London accessories have gone on sale (yay!).
  6. For several months now I've been obsessing over these cute little slate coasters from Crate and Barrel. I want to use them as name cards. I think it would be adorable to arrange a little mini cheese display (3 1 oz. servings) on each slate coaster and center on each plate setting. Names would be written in chalk in a neat swirly cursive. Sadly, I live in a small apartment and have to live with certain storage realities.
  7. I dropped into Borders to pick up Nina Garcia's new book "The Little Black Book of Style" because I have an addiction to style and etiquette books (witness the miss manners, martha and more section...I own all those books). Sadly, the book does not go on sale until tomorrow.
  8. Finally, we walked back out through Bloomingdales, just past the shoe department. Surprise, surprise, more bling! I'm loving these Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. But, I think I will have to satisfy myself by blinging out my toes with Chanel paparazzi nail polish, a sparkling bubble gum pink.
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Anonymous said...

I think that your ideas for cheese display using the slate coasters is a great idea! I actually have a set of them and think that I may try that at my next party.

Chic and Charming said...

Thanks! let me know how it works out. If you take pictures, I'll do a post on the subject!