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05 September 2007

Retail Report: West Elm

west elm

I walked through West Elm last night on my way home from work and I really liked what I saw. My favorite piece was the $300 vanity, which makes my cheap-o Target vanity from their shabby chic line look, well, shabby. I love the lines, the storage space and the ability to hide your makeup away under the fold down mirror. I am a firm believe in having a vanity, as storing makeup in the bathroom leads to increased bacterial growth and shorter life span of products (due to the humidity from those long steamy showers).
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Anonymous said...

That vanity is gorgeous! We don't have a West Elm in the town I live in, but we do have a Target, so I always end up with the cheap-o Target versions.

The photo of this vanity gives me something to dream about...

Chic and Charming said...

We JUST got a West Elm. It nicer than Target, but still not quite as nice as I would really like. Its like the half way point between Target quality and Crate and Barrel, but probably closer in quality to CB than Target.
Overall I like the minimalist vibe. And in terms of budget I'm probably somewhere between Target and CB (but ultimately a little closer to Target).
So, I'll be dreaming of a new vanity too, because I certainly cannot afford to buy one anytime soon!

Mélanie said...

Beautiful choices

Chic and Charming said...

Thanks! I really love the zebra rug, but was unable to convince my husband. So, instead with have a simple black rug from anthropologie.