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07 September 2007

Shopaholic Pop Quiz

A new mall is opening about an hour away from my house TODAY. Not just any mall, a truly fabulous mall deluxe!! Stores that I have heard of but never been able check out will be opening! Stores I grew up with that have been oddly absent from my life will be opening! Delish new restaurants will be opening!
Here are just a few examples:
  • Madewell~ GAP:Banana Republic::Madewell:J.crew. That's right, Madewell is J.crew's cheaper and simpler sister store. I have high hopes for their jeans and I have high hopes that they will actually carry a size larger than 12 in the store.
  • Ruehl~ Banana Republic:GAP::Ruehl:Abercrombie and Fitch. Ruehl is A&F's attempt to hold on to its customers when they graduate beyond loud music and overpowering cologne scented shopping experiences. It is supposed to be hipper and older, but based on its website (here) it still looks sex drenched. I have high hopes based on a short article I ready in Lucky, probably in 2004, but I have been unable to find actual pictures of their clothing online.
  • Zara~Zara:Spain::H&M:Sweden. Zara is a very similar concept to H&M, but has been slower to infiltrate the United States. I first became acquainted with Zara in the UK, and boy am I happy to finally see it State side.
  • Extra Credit~ Not at the new mall, but a short drive away-Kohl's, which will be launching its Vera Wang line on Wednesday.
So, now to the dilemma:

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Chic and Charming said...

I ended up going today because I saw on another blog that the vera was out. We went early and so it was not too crazy. We also stopped by kohls and the vera line is indeed out. I'll be posting my report on it tomorrow.