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14 September 2007

Something old, something new, something yellow for you?

yellow copy

Yellow, not just any yellow, fluorescent yellow. It. is. everywhere. Sadly I don't think that the yellow trend is going anywhere for at least a year! Poetic and Chic posted a review of yellow in the fall fashion collections and turned up yellow in no less than fifteen different collections! While I lack that kind of dedication in my trend spotting, because of her post I was attuned to the yellow and noticed that it was still popping up all over the spring runways.

I am really not thrilled about the yellow trend. My dislike of this trend is deeply rooted in personal vanity: my skin tone is pale and yellow looks atrocious on me. I think there are likely many other girls who will encounter this same problem, but they might find yellow difficult to resist, as tragically so many girls blindly follow trend. I hope one day my fellow women will discover that just because the designers start a trend does not mean they have to follow it!

On the note of trend: One has to wondered, how does yellow end up in at least 15 different fall collections? Sometimes I just don't understand where these kinds of trends come from. Do the designers talk to each other or give each other previews? I don't think that is the case. So, there must be something external that inspires such a large selection of designers to include such a strong color in their collections, especially given that yellow is not exactly a fall color. My current favorite theory is that there is one designer who thinks, "hey yellow!" So, he shows yellow in his Spring collection. All the other designers see it and think: "ooooh, yellow, it is so pretty." So then in the next set of collections we see tons of yellow. But, this can't account for everything. Does anyone else have some theories on where trends come from?

To conclude, I just have to say that the yellow Marc Jacobs leather gloves are heinous (pictured in the center). They look like the gloves my mother uses when she washes dishes, and in all likelihood that is probably the look Jacobs was going for. I love long leather gloves and I love Marc Jacobs. But, I do not love these gloves.

Where are these looks from? Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs and Lila Rose.

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MarbellaStyle said...

Yup. I think yellow works best for people with darker skin tone. However yellow would be perfect if we mix and match it with something else.I am all for color but like you, I don't believe that the yellow craze will live for long. It's not nice especially for women who take the yellow cab in the streets of NY.


Chic and Charming said...

I have to say Minnie Driver looked amazing at the Oscars in lemon yellow. But, still not amazing enough for me to let the yellow creep into my wardrobe beyond a possible accessory or two.