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25 September 2007

Styling tips from the street

The following are fashion rules based on real life observations of street style:
  1. DON'T wear fluorescent green fishnet stockings, especially if you are over forty and not sporting a Mohawk or pink hair.
  2. DO learn how to incorporate a posh silk scarf into your outfit. Things to try: silk scarf as belt, silk scarf over the hair like a 1950's starlet motoring with the top down, silk scarf tied jauntily around your neck...
  3. DON'T go to the tanning bed in a French cut thong and then wear low rise pants with a midriff showing top. I don't know if its more disturbing to see a girl's thong peeping over the top of her jeans, or a girl's bright white thong tan outline peeping over the top of her jeans.
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