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04 September 2007

Ugly shoes today on WWWD

Sometimes I open my mailbox and find truly inspired daily dish from who what wear daily, and sometimes I open my mailbox and find a whole bunch of ugly. Today was an ugly day, as you can witness for yourself. I suppose I can get into the Marni shoes but the Prada shoes are hideous, and they are all over the glossies! I know that Prada is supposed to be the thinking woman's high fashion, ironic ugly clothes for women who have a love-hate relationship with designer clothing. Personally, I believe that smart people should not have to wear ugly clothes. Last month Vogue featured a simply gorgeous Harvard Physics professor, Lisa Randall. Randall is a role model for all of us out there who know it is alright to have style and have an above average IQ. Just say no to ugly fashion!
Image from whowhatweardaily


Unknown said...

oh my word! they're all satin Check out my latest post:

Thanks for reading!

Chic and Charming said...

I had not realized that that prada was satin, in the earth tones I just assumed it was leather.