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16 September 2007

Vera at Kohl's Update


Raise your hand if you are surprised that Simply Vera is already on sale 30% off. Based on my review you can have no doubt that I will not be running out to stock up. I want Chic and Charming to be a fashion democracy, not a fashion autocracy, so I do feel like I should be fair to Vera and Kohl's and link to a well written positive review of the collection, so that readers can have a little balance in their lives.

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a. said...

I bought one pair of shoes - (see tomorrow's blog post), 2 polo sweaters, one pair of lounge pants, one long sleeve tee and 2 sets of trouser socks...all for the 30% off. If it had not been for the 30% off I probably wouldn't have paid full price for anything but the two tops and the shoes.

Being in the store yesterday was hilarious watching all these women run around grabbing the stuff just because they saw it on Oprah!

Chic and Charming said...

Yeah, so maybe I lied. There was a really cute little leather purse I might be willing to purchase at 30% off. Also, I really love nude fishnets, and she had those in her hosiery collection, so I might be buying those too. It should be worth the trip just to people watch. I've read good things about the polos, but I don't think that everything was on the floor when I reviewed the collection.

Anonymous said...

My friend bought a OSHKOSH Daniel Hiking Shoes at just $14 by using Kohls Promo Codes...!!