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11 September 2007

Words of the Moment: Fist of Rage

Fist of Rage, as defined by Urban Dictionary:

"To raise arm in air clench into a fist and shake sporadically.
The guy cut me off in his car and I proceeded to give him the Fist of Rage as a sign of disrespect."
Fist of Rage, as defined by Chic and Charming:
To shake one's fist in the air, much like an angry old man in cartoons of yore. This is a signaling to those around you of your impotent anger, usually in response to some injustice that you recognize you are powerless to avenge. The Fist of Rage is often more satisfying if accompanied by a verbal outburst expressing your discontent.
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1 comment:

B.lush said...

LOL, too sweet and succinct. I use the fist of rage all the time. I must be an old woman.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I totally dig your salon!