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30 October 2007

The 411 on Sophia

Is Sophia your real name?
No, it is a nom de plume, which I currently choose to write under.

Why write under an assumed name?

  • Why not?
  • I decided early on that I wanted to maintain some level of privacy, because one never knows where life will take you. I correspond with fellow bloggers that I interact with on specific projects with under my real name, because I feel like I have a little bit more of a relationship with those people.
  • My real name is actually kind of a common blogger name, I feel like "Sophia" is different and fun and reflects my Chic and Charming persona.
  • As Sophia some of my opinions are a little more extreme than they maybe in real life, but I find hyperbole almost always increases entertainment value, especially in storytellings.
Why did you pick Sophia?
Sophia was inspired by Sophia Loren. I admire the fact that she is feisty, has curves and was able to turn down Cary Grant. My favorite Sophia Loren quote is "Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.” My sister, the major source of gadget guru, writes under the nom de plume Marilyn, after Marilyn Monroe.

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WendyB said...

Very interesting! I love Sophia too.