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16 October 2007

Adobe Dreamweaver, I shake my fist at you

Is anything more exciting than the prospect of a glamorous website redesign? I recently tried to install Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 in order to achieve the perfect new face for Chic and Charming, which I have been sketching out for several weeks. The result? Tragedy of epic proportions (what is life without a little melodrama)! Hours wasted trying trying trying to install the damn program on two different computers, wasted lunch hours searching the internet and reading all of the horror stories from fellow disgruntled techies, hired technoguns trying to make my Dreamweaver dreams come to life!!! The end story: I should (1) uninstall all Adobe products, and then install Dreamweaver, and then reinstall my products...with the understanding that after uninstallation I may not be able to install ANY Adobe products (2) Wait for some ubergeek or Adobe to fix the problem. Since I cannot live without my Photoshop I opted for option (2), so ubergeeks of the world do you hear me: FIX DREAMWEAVER! Fellow bloggers, BEWARE!
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Amy Steinberg said...

Thanks for the heads up. Its been on my list for a month or so to start looking in to DreamWeaver and now I know to wait a few more months.

a. said...

I am so sorry. I hate when that happens!!!

The Paris Apartment said...

i don't know how we've all made it this far. with all the techno difficulties and are a pioneer, don't give up, maybe there's something better out there!