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17 October 2007

Chic and Crafty: Double Duty Necklace


I bet most of you do not know that I am an amateur jewelry designer. In fact, I got into blogging to promote a shop I had on etsy for about three months...the blogging lasted but the jewelry selling did not. In the end I was just too neurotic. I hated letting go of my pieces because I always wondered, could that wire wrapping have been a bit tighter? Were my suppliers truthful when they told me their product was gold filled, not gold plated? Will the IRS come after me if I don't report this as income? So, I decided to go out of the jewelry making business and just supply myself and my friends. In the end it has actually been cheaper...even though I give the finished products away for free because my supply budget has been cut tremendously.

Anyway, behold my latest project! The actual necklace bit consists of 16 mm Onyx beads which are perfectly polished black perfection. They make me feel glamorous and sophisticated! On a bit of whim, I decided to see if I could clip my sparkley skull and crossbones broach, which I purchased for Halloween, over the ordinary looking clasp. Ta Da! The necklace is transformed from classy and timeless to funky and trendy! It is like having two necklaces in one!


a. said...

LOVE IT!!! I would buy it. I am one of the few, the proud, the fan of the skull and crossbones (in moderation of course).

Jennifer said...

Very Cool! And very chic! You should make more with different charms!

Fash said...

im not usually a chunky jewelry girl but this piece is really hip, what a great find!

Fash said...

omg....u made this, even more amazing!

The Mrs. said...

Love it. Best friend LOOOOves the skulls but I think I've over done it!