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09 October 2007

Chic Women: Bella Pilar

I recently discovered Bella Pilar while doing research on fashion illustration, one of my favorite genre's of artwork. I came across her work in a feature on fashion illustrators in Domino magazine. After browsing through her website I fell completely in love with her work. Located in LA, Pilar is a former makeup artists whose work has been featured in advertising for Bloomingdales and and sold through Target and Papyrus. She works in watercolor, and there is actually a timelapse video of her creating one of her masterpieces on her agency's website. Prints are available through her website for $80 each! I've already put together a list of my favorite pieces and ordering instructions for "Santa" and if he fails to come through, I'm sure I will treat myself!!

All of these images are copyrighted by Bella Pilar and have been posted here with her permission.


Ondo Lady said...

I really like these illustrations, they are so feminine and pretty.

a. said...

I love fashion illustration. I have seen these before but didn't know who the illustrator was - thanks for posting!

The Budget Babe said...

gorgeous! thanks for bringing this talent to our attention.