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12 October 2007

The chocolate Gods have smiled upon me

When I ran downstairs to fetch the mail today, what should I see but a package from Vosges! Around the time I posted by musing about if I would like Mo's Bacon Bar from Vosges, they emailed me to say that they would send me one to try! I think I never quite believed it was for real until I opened the box this afternoon to find not only samples of Mo's Bacon Bar, but also Red Fire Pecans. I was beside myself with excitement. While I REALLY wanted to squirrel away my loot for my own exclusive enjoyment, I decided in the interest of true fairness I should share the love my coworkers. This way, I thought I could get some unbiased opinions to share with my readers. Overall I must say the verdict has been "Yum!" on both counts.The bacon flavor in Mo's Bacon Bar is subtle and salty, with a little extra burst when one hits on an actual bacon bit. The Red Fire Pecans are divine! They are not actually very spicy, but have a nice sweet smoky flavor that perfectly compliments the nut. I've giggled with one of my friend's who's boyfriend is a chocoholic vegetarian, that Mo might be her solution to keeping a personal supply of chocolate in the house, as typically all chocolate mysteriously disappears within an hour of hitting the door. I am planning on serving the nuts at my intimate little Halloween Cocktail Party in a few weeks! I will probably be ordering a few of the above pictures skulls for a yummy dessert treat at the party. I was very excited to see that Barcelona was one of the skull flavors. My husband and I usually eat about one Barcelona (chocolate+salt+crushed almonds) bar per week!
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flutterbyblue said...

That is SO fabulous that Vosges would send you a sampler of their product!!! I'm now a doubly huge fan of the brand. :) And if that Mo bar is as good as you say I might have to keep one or two stocked up at home (seeing as it's boyfriend-proof!)

flutterbyblue said...

omg. I just looked at the Vosges website...those chocolates are fascinating! Such intriguing flavors! I hardly know where to begin...

Trevor said...

They sent you a free bacon bar? I am jealous!

Anonymous said...

Hold on--free chocolate bacon bars are being given out somewhere--how did I miss out on this?

Yes, truly the chocolate Gods have smiled on you :-) And bacon and chocolate? All I can say is YUMMMM!