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10 October 2007

Costumes with class


After my mini rant a few days ago against slutty Halloween costumes I decided to do a little brainstorming to come up with some non-slutty, affordable alternatives.
  • My first idea was to dress up as the completely fierce Bianca Jagger in le smoking tuxedo and enormous hat. Ideally one would go with all white, but it might be more practical to get a black tuxedo for future wearability...only fashion fanatics will know the difference. This provides an absolutely excellent excuse to purchase a le smoking suit, if you are not fortunate enough to already own one.
  • My next idea was to go classic and dress as Holly Golightly, ironically you will dressed as a call girl, but will be in one of the classiest outfits at the party. All one needs is LBD, a pearl choker and a tiny tiara. You could additionally accessorize with a disposable coffee cup and paper bag with breakfast pastry. Personally, I will be dressing as a goth Ms. Golightly this Halloween with vamptastic dark nails, my skull and crossbones tiara set in a beehive and a pearl choker with a sparkly skull and crossbones pin.
  • My third, and most budget friendly idea, was a cow girl outfit: high waisted jeans or skinny jeans with cowboy boots and collared print shirt. A cowboy hat and belt buckle make the outfit into a costume instead of everyday apparel.
  • My final idea was a 1950s pinup girl: pair a lady like tie neck dress shirt with a high waisted a-line skirt poufed out with a contrasting petticoat. Fishnet stockings, siren red lips, peep toe heels and a chic little up-do will finish off the look. A pin up girl is the perfect solution for a girl who wants to look hot, but not overexposed!
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Anonymous said...

Nice ideas. I especially like the Bianca Jagger and Pinup girl ideas. Maybe like a Vargas.

Check out these ideas I saw n the Castro last year.

Creative Halloween Ideas

Ondo Lady said...

Didn't Bianca look so cool on her wedding day? I mean what woman can look over a big wedding dress and wear a white tuxedo and ooze class? Audrey Hepburn is total sophistication as always.