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23 October 2007

A few ways to spend a few hundred dollars


My recent discovery of the fab Ed Hardy Sunglasses has spurred me to ask the question, if I was REALLY going to spend a few hundred dollars on something fab and frivolous, what would I buy?
  • A piece of magnificent jewelry from etsy like "Vintage Rock"($140) by Flutterbyblue or "Sweetheart in Goth"($580) by Pequitobun.
  • A pair of Ed Hardy Sunglasses (about $250ish)
  • Brown Manolo mules from Nieman Marcus Last Call ($200-$300)
  • Kate Spade's Feather Wedding Puff ($445)
  • Over the elbow white metallic leather gloves ($200+, if they existed somewhere other than my head)
  • The perfect pair of driving gloves (Seen in Milan many moons ago...don't remember where)
  • Else Peretti Bone Cuff ($575)
  • Black Murano Glass Chandelier ($2,000-3,000)~~I do lead a rich fantasy life...this piece would probably eat my entire living room...and require a full time maid to keep it dust free. Don't you just love that in my mind DUSTING is one of the primary obstacles to obtaining a piece that costs more than my entire food budget for the year?
  • Framed, matted Source Brault Mermaid Poster (~$150) for my kitchen.
  • A sparkley blood red rhinestone cuff from Nieman Marcus
  • Diamond solitaire necklace (several hundred to several thousand...depends on the bling factor!)
Alas, I will never spend this kind of money on treats for myself. I did go shopping this weekend with my in-laws and got some very fabulous presents! I have to say I am most excited about jade beads and ruby drops that I plan to make into two necklaces! I know of a local shop that sells 18 k gold wire and chain, I have been waiting for just the right project to use such fine materials...I think I've found it.

Images from images from pequitobun and flutterbyblue on etsy, Tiffany and Design Within Reach (see links in text)


The Paris Apartment said...

ok i'm such a design sucker i'd go for the chandelier!!! said...

i love elsa peretti's designs; they always seem fluid and elegant !