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07 October 2007

Halloween Costume

As I am completely obsessed with Marie Antoinette, I am completely obsessed with this Marie Antoinette costume from Patricia Field's online store. I must say while I adore the look, I stopped wearing skirts this short when about 5 years ago. I mean really! When did feminine Halloween costumes morph into always having to be the "slutty" version? Slutty nurse, slutty witch, slutty vampire, slutty marie!! It is just so frustrating, especially if you no longer have 16 year old thighs. Honestly, I think the wig and the petticoat make the outfit--so I really wish she sold the wig and petticoat as well!
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The Mrs. said...

So true!!! Slutty does not equal Halloween! get with it people! I was thinking Cat know black shirt and pants with tons of jewelry and little cat ears!

Chic and Charming said...

That sounds really cute! I think I will end up going with pirate I can wear my pirate tiara and fishnets with Amy Winehouse style eyeliner.

Allie_in_Ga said...

I am just catching up on your last few posts and I am just nodding my head in agreement with all of them! I can't stand this trend. I went to a Halloween party last year with my younger sister last minute and didn't have time to put a real effort into it. I went as 80's Madonna, well my sister is only 3 years younger but no one knew who I was?? Everyone else was a slutty version of everything you can imagine! Ugh!

Catie said...

Ugh! I hate the "slutty ____" costume trend, too. Nurses, cops, pirates, it just goes on and on. I say do the cowgirl OR Bianca Jagger.