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08 October 2007

It all makes sense

My rapidly dwindling subscription to Lucky looked briefly like it might receive an infusion as I began to leaf through the latest issue. I really loved the little mini article about pencil skirts because I admired several fierce pencil skirts at the conference I attended this weekend. So, finding out how to wear a pencil skirt myself and were to buy one was timely and exciting. I also loved the "trend in the making rorschach blots." But, of course, the other shoe dropped when I got to the shopping awards and saw that Gap was voted the best chain store in three different categories. YUCK! These are not my people! Obviously the average Lucky reader is does not share my fashion and style sensibilities. I now realize that there is little hope for Lucky to recover its warm place in my heart.
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a. said...

I agree...I think Lucky is targeting a younger audience and of course I have grown much older since it's debut years ago. Oh well, time to let another subscripton go! Unfortunately I think mine goes through at least all of 2008 :-(

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I couldn't agree more and this was the first issue I've recieved in a year long subscription! I've bought a few copies in the past and they seemed better...

Allie_in_Ga said...

I didn't understand that either, while I still hit the Gap for a few pieces, I hardly think of it as the top chain store.