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11 October 2007

London Calling

One of my best friends is getting ready for a trip to London and I promised that I would put together a list for her of my favorite London places. I imagine that this will be a work in progress since I will be constantly thinking of other favorite places that need to be added to the list! I am a total anglophile and I have a disturbingly good memory for shops and restaurants.

Tea Party!
  • I've always wanted to go check out the Pret-a-portea at the Berkely because each pastry in this divine afternoon tea is inspired by high fashion!
  • So, you are going to see Liberty of London listed several times on this list. I really love the afternoon tea at Liberty of London, probably because I am usually completely exhausted by the time I get there. I love sitting in the salon that looks out into the accessories department, on the mismatched vintage furniture sipping rose tinged black tea and eating a scone heaped with clotted cream. The people watching is awesome, the food is delicious and the tea comes in a sterling silver pot!!
Favorite Markets:
  • I love food! So, my favorite market in London is the Borough Market over by London Bridge. The Borough market is chock full of fresh food vendors, with many gourmet treats that you can take home! There are also totally delish free samples everywhere!
  • Every time I'm in London for the weekend, I hit up Portobello Road Market. My favorite things to troll for are vintage ceramic pharmacy jars and antique hand colored botanical prints.
Cheap Eats:
  • Fish! is my favorite place to get fish and chips.
  • Porky's Pantry is a great greasy spoon for getting uber cheap English Fry-up breakfast, including fried bread and grilled tomatoes. Not a great place for big groups. This place really is a bit of a dive--but very delish and very very cheap.
  • Leon has delish sweet potato falafel.
  • Fuzzy's Grub is a great place for fast, classic British carvery food, roast beef and yorkshire pud, yum!
Tourist attractions:
Shopping!Food Halls:
A little bit of Paris in London:
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Anonymous said...

ah is this the list you promised me too for when I went to London in May...a little late, but helpful if I ever go again.

Love, you know who :-)

Chic and Charming said...

yeah, I'm know I'm really bad about doing things like this in a timely it is on the blog and I can just send a link in the future!