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10 October 2007

The long glove obsession continues

So, I saw a new pair of obsession worthy opera length leather gloves yesterday at Neiman Marcus. The gloves are matte metallic leather and they are completely fabulous. I think the gloves in the store were a bit longer than the ones pictured above. What I would really love is if they came in a white metallic leather. I thought I would give your guys a heads up on where you can buy your own fabulous opera length gloves, I already have a pair in black and hot pink!
  • Neiman Marcus: Patent leather, metallic leather and an array of colored leathers
  • Nordstrom: leopard print knit and a variety of leathers
  • Zara: Ruched black leather
  • Bloomingdales: Black leather
  • Brooks Brothers: White with sterling silver buttons
  • Kohls: Wool and acrylic? blend knit WAY over the elbow
  • Jcrew: knit, not quite opera length, but longer than typical gloves
  • Did I miss something? Leave other sources in the comments section!
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Ondo Lady said...

Ooooh I really do not like long gloves. They are sooo formal and over the top, I think that is one way of killing an outfit. It just looks like you are trying too hard.

flutterbyblue said...

Depends who wears them though...they can look quite cool on the right person, and there's something to be said of old world elegance!