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18 October 2007

Lost that Loving Feeling: Daily Candy

Daily Candy is a fabulous website that lists shop openings, cool products, local events and delish food offerings in a city specific daily email. For those not fortunate enough to live in a big city, they have an everywhere version that features similar things online. Recently I have just not been that excited with Daily seems to have lost some of it's edge. To be honest, I can usually find a lot of the same city-specific information earlier in local free magazines. Furthermore, many of my favorite blogs clue me in to cool finds and hot trends, many of which are more to my taste than those featured on Daily Candy. I also don't like some of their new formating decisions. They redesigned their homepage a few months ago so that only partial stories are visible when you go to look at the candy of the day. The last straw came today when I was scrolling through Daily Candy Everywhere's Weekend Guide, which is usually my favorite email of the week...and noticed that they've added inline advertising. Now, they already receive advertising revenue from many places including: ads running down the side of each email they sent out, occasional "dedicated emails" which are just emailed ads AND Daily Candy Weekly Deals, where shops get plugged for offering discounts to Daily Candy readers. Did they really need to stick an obnoxious advertisement smack in the middle of an article too?? Get back on track Daily Candy before I relegate you to the SPAM folder!
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a. said...

Well I usually agree (Lucky Magazine sucks) with you and this time is no exception. What the heck happened? I'll tell you. They got too big for their britches. They started off with one and that's never enough but then they always lose the originals that they started off with - just like Lucky, they alienate their loyal audience with crap. I hope they clean up their act but it's doubtful.