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24 October 2007

Manvite needs some tech support


So, I was going to write a little post lauding and lampooning, a new evite like service that produces online invitations for exclusively manly parties (football, cigars, cougar hunting). Tragically, when I tried to sign up as a new member AND when I tried to enter email addresses to send my manvite to I was told that my email addresses were invalid?! At first I thought they had some sort of girly email address detector and were rejecting the email address "chic.and.charming" because it was not manly. Then, I tried a different gender neutral address and was again rebuffed! Perhaps manvite should spend a little more time debugging their product and a little less time playing beer pong in the executive dining room. Anyway, I have captured a screen shot of the invitation building page above for your personal amusement. There were some extremely chauvinist adverts down the sides of the manvite, which I originally posted with this post. I could not deal with seeing a bunch of half naked women on my blog, so I cropped them out.
Image is a screenshot from


WendyB said...

LOL! !!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's freakin hilarious and ambiguously homosocial...kind of like Spike TV but online. I may have to conjure up an event just so I can use this service, nekkid ladies and all, to invite everyone!!