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13 October 2007

My standards for retail employees really are too high...

So, I went into Sephora today with a girlfriend who was looking for some false lashes for a gift. While in the store, I decided that maybe today would be that day that I would finally purchase some cake mascara. I walked up to a sales associate and inquired "Do you have any cake mascara?" To which the sales associate in a rather aggressive tone of voice said "WHAT?!?!?" I then went on to explain to this woman, who works at one of the largest makeup stores in the world, what cake mascara is--very frustrating.

So, why do I want cake mascara so much? First, cake mascara is a hassle free carry plastic bags, no 3 oz containers. Second, cake mascara is clump free. Finally, cake mascara is one product that can give you both the barely there mascara look AND full on drag queen worthy lashes. You wet a stiff little brush and swish it around on top of the black cake mascara block. You then apply a coat of the mascara to your lashes and let it dry. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish, and the mascara will slowly build to exactly the density you want. Perfect control, perfect color...and one little cake lasts forever!

There are two brands of cake mascara that I have seen carried at sephora: Lola Loves Lashes and Paula Dorf.

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Ashe said...

This really does sound too delicious! For all the cake make-ups I knew of, I never knew of mascara. Now I'm desperate to trek up to Indy and purchase a box of it for myself and give it a go!

Kori said...

This is a good idea! If my lashes weren't naturally black and thick, I would definitely use it.