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16 October 2007

Oh Britney!

I'm sorry you had to see this, but I really must profess my utter confusion after watching the music video for the Britney Spears song "Gimme More." I set my DVR to record late night music videos and often play them as I get ready to roll in the morning. The magic of DVR is that I can fast forward through the 20 minute long MTV commercial breaks and through songs that I find REALLY disappointing. To be honest, the songs are usually more disappointing than not, but I find occasionally watching my morning MTV keeps me up on the newest hot songs and artists, even if I don't much care for them. But, I digress! Back to Brit and the Pole. I hate to "hate" on Britney Spears because I find her too tragic for words, but this video was just so WRONG. Why go to the trouble to dress like a ho, install a pole and then dance AROUND the pole. Is this some sort of slutty May Day dance? Pole Dancers dance ON the pole, they swing around the pole, the pole is necessary for them to...well POLE DANCE. Was actual pole dancing too aerobic for Brit? The pole in Britney's video is fairly superfluous, it could have been replaced by a man (preferably very hot) to much better effect, or perhaps a tree and more clothing for a wild nature-child kind of look. The video is basically like watching the infamous MTV comeback performance, but with better editing. Really people, if this is the result of enhanced video and multiple takes I'm starting to wonder if Britney is every going make a comeback.

Image from, originally I had a screen shot of the Brit but the image came down very fast...she must hire people to full time to remove unflattering pictures of her from the internet...


flutterbyblue said...

I **totally** agree. Why bare it all if you're not going to get some air between you and the ground? Surely even the post-pregnancy Britany could manage one twirl around the pole!?

Heck, I could do better than that!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone could do better than that. It is like the Cheetos and Frappuccinos just sucked her dancing ability right out of her.