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19 October 2007

Shoot me, please shoot me now!

I'm in a three floor building, one unit per floor. The bottom floor is empty. The fire alarm on the bottom floor is going off, but the building is obviously not on fire. My landlord only leaves us his work phone number and I called to leave a message saying "Come turn off the alarm." Who's betting that I will be listening to the damn alarm going off all weekend long? Bah! Now I have a migraine!
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Fash said...

that happened to me once, i called the fire dept and they located my landlord quite quickly. and that was the last time that ever happened. hahaah

Anonymous said...

That's so much better than when our carbon monoxide alarm went off (the battery light was NOT illuminated), but the apartment building's maintenance guy says, over the phone (without even taking a look at the thing) "I'm half an hour's probably the battery, just ignore it." THEN WHAT ARE CO ALARMS FOR? IF WE ALL JUST TURN THEM OFF WHEN THEY START BEEPING, WHAT IS THEIR PURPOSE? Now if it weren't an alarm for a virtually undetctable, lethal gas, and our apartment weren't a cramped little deathbox to begin with, we might have been inclined to cut the guy some slack. As it was, we called the fire department because they apparently have the only CO detector-on-a-stick in town, much to the chagrin of the maintenance fellow who arrived a good 20 minutes after them. We had not, in fact, been poisoned, but it was a problem with the detector that was more complicated than the battery alone. *Sigh.* I'm not sure if that was a proper response to your rant, but I feel oodles better.