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02 October 2007

Show me your Booty!!


Perhaps I am coming late to this trend, but I am currently so in love with pirate themed accessories. The stars aligned, and smack in the middle of my obsession I found myself vacationing in Disney World during their Pirates of the Caribbean merchandising extravaganza that naturally follows three wildly successful movies. I think my family thought I was a little over the top when I purchased the pirate tiara. I said I was buying it to be a Halloween Pirate Princess, but I actually just wear it around the house and could be persuaded to wear it out to a bar. I have big plans to place it in a beehive a la Holly Golightly. I think Amy Winehouse would approve. I am still trying to decide where I want to display my "A pirate's life for me" pink stick pin for optimal effect. I am thinking of sticking it up on my cork board at work, so on those hard days I can look up from my computer and remind myself to think like a pirate! No prisoners! I think I feel in love with the stick pin because of the retro tattoo elements and the pinkness-I blame Kat Von D. Finally, the headband is actually from J.Crew! I usually throw it on to add a little humor to my outfit. It is the accessory that started the pirate obsession.


riz said...

I really like that pin - Cool blog btw - I just found it and I really like your blog Salon Philosophy : )

gilda said...

that tiara is soooo darn cute!!! wear it everyday! i love it!