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23 October 2007

So Tragic!


I obsessively check my google analytics account throughout the day to see how many people have come to visit me, where they are visiting from and what they are reading. On otherwise difficult work days, looking at good tracking numbers can make my day! So, after having a very difficult day yesterday I found it very disheartening to look at Google Analytics for today and see that by 11 am on 1 person had visited my blog. One person! That was a disaster! I did better than that the first day I had a blog! It took me several hours to realize that my google tracking script had been deleted when I was playing around with my blog's format last night. So, if you are a fellow blogger user, and you switch templates, be aware that you will have to reinsert your google analytics script.
Image from Chic and Charming's Google Analytics Feed


a. said...

I have to admit, as an analyst by profession, google analytics is too analytical for me!

WendyB said...