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03 October 2007

So you just met Prince Charming, are you supposed to bow?

Well, according to the experts, you should probably curtsy when meeting a prince and you should make sure you never turn your back on him. Furthermore, if you cook Prince Charming dinner, you should avoid shellfish and you should also avoid getting up to go to the bathroom during your meal at all costs. Reading up on the rules of meeting European royalty, the entire process sounded a little convoluted and complicated, and then I got to the parts about middle eastern royalty and unmarried Thai princesses and decided that I hope to never weather those etiquette minefields. If you are looking for an amusing morning read go check out "The Royal Treatment" on

I just also have to briefly note that Prince William should have stopped aging in his early teens, when he hit peak attractiveness, as you can observe above. I can say that without being a dirty old woman because I had a huge, age appropriate crush on him at this stage in his life.

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