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16 October 2007

This is no kiddie cocoa


Hot Chocolate is one of the great loves of my life. I'm not talking about that watered down Swiss Miss of your childhood with the freeze dried marshmallows...I'm talking about decadently rich hot chocolate that tastes like a chocolate bar in a cup. I think my love affair with adult hot chocolate began with Starbucks Chantico drink, a beverage which has sadly been discontiuned. Oh Starbucks, why have you forsaken chocoholics everywhere?? Fear not dear chocolate lovers because you can make even more decadently delish hot chocolate at home!
  • Be a hard core gourmet--make the sucker from scratch! If you call yourself a chocolate lover and you do not already own "The Essence of Chocolate" by John Scharffenberger and Rober Stainberg...get thee to Barnes and Nobel ASAP! This bible of chocolate contains one of the best hot chocolate recipes in the entire universe. I made it for a dinner party and we adjourned in a chocolate and homemade whipped cream coma.
  • Not so excited about chopping up a giant bar of chocolate by hand? Both Chuao and Schokinag make fabulous hot chocolate. I have to thank my former roommate, lets call her Ms. Margarita, for keeping me supplied with the very best hot chocolates she comes across. She introduced me Chuao Hot Chocolate in Spicy Maya, perhaps my very favorite brand thus far.
  • Money to burn? Italy has a pretty decadent hot chocolate with a texture similar to pudding, which comes in a variety of flavors! You could jet down to Mexico for some traditional hot chocolate with Mayan roots and chewy churros.
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Anonymous said...

i realize the chocolate i'm about to tell you about is not hot, but it is rather delicious and reminds me of hot chocolate when i pop a few pearls into my mouth: Godiva Chocoiste Dark Chocolate Pearls. DELICIOUS!!! They come in dark chocolate and chocolate mint flavors (reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream and hot chocolate at the same time). There might be more flavors but that's all they sell in the caf at work. They are even good for you providing 15% of your daily value of iron in 1 little box...I've never heard of a food that has that much only means they are using the best and darkest chocolate!!

Lys said...

I just bought the Spicy Hot Chocolate last evening - I'm a tad scared but you never know until you try, right? I keep hearing fabulous things about it.