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13 November 2007

Adventures with kohl eyeliner


I've been involved in a slowly builing kohl obsession, which began after hearing my friend wax poetic about the magic of kohl eyeliner on the beauty floor of Neiman Marcus. She related the transformative powers of true kohl, which she was taught how to properly apply by a glamorous Persian friend in college. We were, at the time, standing in front of the Guerlain counter toying with an adorable vial of rich black powder. I found myself back in that very same spot today, but this time I forked over $32 for my very own vial of loose kohl powder. I rushed out to the car nervous and excited and decided I would have my first go at application from the drivers seat (parked, of course). From what I could remember, I was supposed to close my eyelid over the applicator and then drag it along the inner rim of my eyelids...scary stuff for a girl who can still barely put in her contacts. Needless to say the car attempt was a disaster. Back at home I gave application another effort, this time from the comfort of a well lit vanity table. Success, or perhaps sex-cess as the final look is smolderingly HOT. My tip for applying genuine powder kohl to the inner rims of your eyes is to pull the lid away from your eyeball and dab and smear the powder on with the applicator. Don't worry to much about getting the powder in your blinks away easily and caused me no irritation, despite the fact I must have dumped milligram quantities on to my eyeball. I'm thinking with time I'll become an expert at application and application will be a few simple swipes. Kohl is officially new favorite makeup item! I feel like I don't need to put another ounce of makeup on to look ready for a big night out. Divine! I might have to order deep blue teal color from Sephora!
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WendyB said...

I love "sex-cess"

flutterbyblue said...

Lol! I'm SO glad you decided to give it a go! I am in love with kohl (the real stuff, not the pencil-knock-off variety!)

Good luck with your new smoldering self!