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23 November 2007

Black Friday Burnout

Sophia (after purchasing a $20 fake Christmas tree from Target): I think my Christmas tree is better for the environment than a real tree
Marilyn: I don't know it might come out as a wash in the end
Sophia: But, what if I kept my Christmas tree for 10 years, certainly that would be better than cutting down ten trees
Marilyn: Plastic isn't biodegradable, when you throw it out it will still be really bad for the environment
Mom: Besides, your tree will never last ten years
Sophia: Well, what if I bought a REALLY expensive fake tree and kept it my entire life
Mom: All fake Christmas tree end up looking crappy after a few years
Marilyn: I guess no Christmas tree is the best thing for the environment
Mom: OK, Scrooge
Sophia: Well, you could plant your own Christmas tree in your backyard and never chop it down. You would just decorate it every year for Christmas outside.
Marilyn: That would definitely be the most environmentally friendly option.
Marilyn: I really like my new shoes.
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a. said...

Growing up my mother would never let us get a fake tree so of course I now have 3 of them. They are just so freaking easy. I got 2 of mine at Target a few years ago and they are great. No wrestling with lights just plug the darn thing in and decorate. Who needs the hassle and it looks just a great if not better than a real tree! If you miss the smell, then get one of those pine room sprays or a nice holiday candle :-)

Oh and I also have a pre-lit wreath from Target too - it's fabulous.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

This dialogue really made me laugh!