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28 November 2007

Bow Wow!

dog purse, gossip girl, chic and charming, macys

Just when you thought the Gossip Girl stylists could do no wrong they bring you dog purses. I get that it is kind of a nod to the celebrity obsession with carrying small dogs named tinkerbell everywhere, but I am SO not into it. I might have liked this in third grade. If you think the third grader in your life might like one, they are obtainable from Macy's.

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WendyB said...


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Elle said...

I swear there was some trend like this for children... like backpacks that were teddy bears or something? Anyway, ick. Can't wait for Gossip Girl in 15 min!

Allie_in_Ga said...

In the books those two characters are supposed to be tacky, so hopefully the costume designers were going for that look. If not...well then they need help. ;)