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10 November 2007

Chic Women: Blair Waldorf

Ok, ok, so Blair Waldorf is not actually a real person. She is, in fact, a character in the CW tv series Gossip Girl, based on the book series by the same name. Despite this I've chosen to feature her as one of my chic women. Why? First, her style is simply to die for. I love preppy, I love old fashioned, and I love that she does preppy, old fashioned with a modern sexy twist.


In addition to my crush on her wardrobe, I am completely obsessed with Blair's hair. She has flowing, shiny dark locks of hair that always look perfect and are often accessorized with some sort of hair piece. I have high hopes that she will rock some adorable vintage style hats before the series is over. I read that in the book she has her locks chopped into a short style at some point. In my opinion this would be truly tragic, tantamount to when Felicity chopped her curly tresses.

Poor Blair, her boyfriend doesn't love her...but that doesn't stop her from wearing some mighty sexy undergarments!

I think Blair was cemented in my affection in the latest episode of Gossip Girl, when she climbed on stage in a burlesque club and revealed that under her grannyesque dress she was sporting some might sexy undergarments. Let me first point out that Blair was dressed for dinner with her boyfriend's family after discovering that her boyfriend was still in love with her best friend. Clearly, unless she was hit by a truck and rushed to the hospital, Blair did not believe anyone was going to see what was going on under that dress. So, Blair dressed for herself, she donned some unbelievably sexy feminine armor under her dress to prepare for the rough night ahead. Her choice? A divine silk and lace champagne slip and black seemed stockings! Delish!

Chic when she is sleeping...chic when she's awake...chic if she's been bad or good, so be bad for goodness sake!

I further love that the girl maintains her style when dreaming, when sleeping and when lounging around the house. Does it get any chicer than dreaming of yourself as a modern day Holly Golightly?! Could life get any better than being served fresh fruit for breakfast in a silk navy robe? Most of us will never know what real life chic icons wear around the house, primarily because it would be an enormous invasion of privacy. We many on occasion hear some tidbit in an interview, for example the entire world knows Marilyn slept in only Chanel no. 5, but generally speaking we will have to learn how to be chic when lounging from fake style icons like Blair.

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Anonymous said...

I liked Serena's clothes a lot more in the first few episodes. Sometimes I think that Blair's headbands look frumpy and make her look like she's getting ready to clean the house.

Lys said...

It pains me to say that I'm addicted to this show if only for the fashion ideas. Whoever does the styling for this show deserves major kudos!

Chic and Charming said...

I like the headbands, but the last one was a little frump.
I totally agree lys...I am hooked on the fashion!

Ondo Lady said...

Oh I just love the way Blair dresses, it is so chic and girly girly. Serena has the wonderful vintage thing going on but both ladies complement each other well.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Blair is definitely my favorite! I love her sense of style... I saw the actress on the Tyra Banks show and her hair seem a lot shorter, I was nervous she cut it as it is definitely one of her assets.

Allie_in_Ga said...

I adore Blair. I read the books(yes you can laugh...) but she is even better than I imagined in my head. They don't seem to be following much of the story line from the books, so I doubt they will have her cut her hair off. Is it Wednesday yet??

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who makes blairs champagne slip from victor, victrola?

Arushi Khosla said...

Though I sort of prefer Blake Lively/Serena Van Der Woodsen over Blair, it's only because S is so much quirkier and well, nicer?
Plus her outfits are more wearable.
But Blair is from another era. Her hairbands and accessories are to die for.

Anonymous said...

I simply adore Blair. I think I wouldn't even watch the show if it weren't for her. I started a blog completely about her - would love to hear what you think about it
(If you don't like me stating the address, feel free to delete it)