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21 November 2007

Erin Fetherston for Target Reviewed


I went and checked out the new Erin Fetherston collection at Target, and I must say I was quite impressed. The attention to detail was far superior to the last GO collection at Target. For example, the heart shaped buttons that ran through the entire collection were absolutely adorable.

I was also impressed with all of the natural fibers: dresses done in 100% silk, velvets in 98% cotton. There were still some synthetics on the racks, but at least there were more high quality options in this GO collection for the fabric snobs among us. On that note, the cotton velvet suit in black was probably one of my favorite looks from the collection. The coat was sadly a little too small, so I passed on the outfit. But, I should point out that the jacket is very nicely tailored and looks much nicer on the body than on the hanger. I would make a perfect non-cheesy holiday look for some lucky girl! I especially love the heart waist band detail!

velvet suit

The jackets really were the stars of the collection, which I am noticing is a definite trend in the Target GO collections. There was a small evening jacket, lined with a characticture of Erin Fetherston that was not available in the store in my size, and which I have not been able to find online. I think I might go on a Target shopping mission after the Thanksgiving to see if I can find it in another area store.


Additionally, I thought that the dresses were really adorable, especially the flapper style one in purple. I really wanted the red silk long sleeved dress, which was accented with the cute red heart buttons shown above and a peter pan collar, but in the end it just did not suit my figure. Tragic. There was one dress which I feel was completely unattractive, it was a silk jumper and reminded me of one of the pieces I disliked the most from the Temperley collection.
I was a little confused by the rabbit print. On close inspection, the print is pixelated and a little sloppy. One can only assume that this was the look Fetherston was going for. Why? The print was on dresses, shirts and also thermals. I was relieved to go online and see the thermals actually listed as such, because rabbit print long johns as outwears is a little too over the top!

rabbit print

The Erin Fetherston accessories were also sadly missing from my Target. I was really looking forward to reviewing the large heart purse. I had not seen several elements of the accessories line until I checked out the go collection online. I am in love with the chunky heart shaped charm and the bow like headband.


So, in the end, I was quite a fan of the Erin Fetherston collection at Target! The skirts are very short, and details are incredibly girly but if that is your style these clothes are perfect for you!
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flutterbyblue said...

cute headband! I really like that ribbon look idea!

WendyB said...

Heart-shaped buttons are definitely cute.

Fashion Trend Guide said...

I bought the heart handbag in both colors, and I love them! They definitely paid attention to the details on this line.