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29 November 2007

Etsy Holiday Guide: Stationary

For the first day of the Etsy Holiday Guide, we will be focusing on Stationary! Don't forget to check out Poetic and Chic, Flutterbyblue, and Sfgirlbybay as they've helped build the guide and may be posting some of their picks too!

crankbunny, etsy, chic and charming, stationary, cards

My undisputed favorite stationary shop on etsy is crankbunny. Crankbunny sells popup cards and hand made puppets designed by Norma V. Toraya, an immensely talented artist and animator. I would highly recommend checking out some of her work on her homepage, including this animation clip. Crankbunny pop up cards are more than a card, they are a piece of artwork that will be cherished by those who receive them for their whimsy and artistry!

chic and charming, etsy, turtle papers stationary, cards

Turtle Papers is another one of my favorite stationary vendors on etsy. This shop carries a wide range of products, from feminine note cards to adorable baby t-shirts. Turtle paper products have been featured in Daily Candy and on the Domino Magazine blog! Their baby products have been baby shower gifts for some of the hottest Hollywood mommies (Gwen S., Angelina J.)! Their designs are irresistibly adorable, and many cases personalizable! Any best fried would be trilled to receive a the Parisian flat note set or Whimsy flat note set personalized with their name or initial!

My final three stationary picks are all etsy letterpress shops. I simply adore letterpress stationary. The printing technique speaks to my affinity for old fashioned craftsmanship, while the products being turned out in these etsy shops are decidedly modern.

sarah ridgley, letterpress, etsy, chic and charming, stationary, cards

The first etsy letterpress shop of note is Sarah Ridgley Letterpress. My favorite items from this shop are the custom monogrammed coasters, which would make a perfect gift for a newlywed! Ridgley also sells adorable stationary sets with skull and crossbones motifs, crown motifs and carnival style mask motifs! Ridgley, an attorney by day, has also had her work featured online at design*sponge.

etsy, chic and charming, stationary, cards, pepperina press, letterpress, vespa

The next letterpress etsy shop on my list is the mod Pepperina Press. This press turns out cards graced with adorable retro silhouettes in pink and orange, in addition to some adorable blue Christmas cards. I am a big fan of the Vespa Cards.

etsy, chic and charming, stationary, cards, thank you, merci, letterpress, pressa russa

Last, but not least, I present the cheeky Pressa Russa which sells letterpress stationary and calling cards, as well as adorable button cards. My favorite button card is the thank you card, that says "Merci!" with a little button portrait that looks a lot like Marie Antoinette! Pressa Russa printing is done on a tiny letterpress with vintage print blocks with charming results. I love the calling cards, which come with a custom matching case for just $16.50...a great deal!

PS: Absolutely Beautiful Things posted etsy greeting cards today too!

Images for each of these shops were lifted from their etsy store.

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