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27 November 2007

Fashion Icons Unite

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Every girl grows up loving Barbie and every woman has spent the last decade drooling over the styling of Patricia Field for the lovely ladies of Sex in what could be more natural than the fashion marriage of these two powerhouses? Honestly, despite by affinity for all things uber feminine, I really did not want to like this new line of Barbie clothing. However, this sweatshirt is too adorable. I love the old school Barbie silhouette and the way it has been filled in with vintage Parisian motifs. It is classic, it is girly, but it is not too sweet.


Inspired by my trip to Macy's, I spent a little while perusing Patricia Field's shop online and discovered several more gems. While I might never wear the t-shirt, I adore the "I want my Dream House" slogan. It would make adorable PJs or workout clothing. The black dress is fabulously Barbie and the perfect sexy LBD! Finally, I loved anything with the retro Barbie silhouette that I first spotted in Macys. The motif graces everything from pocket mirrors to toiletry kits to a preppy polo.
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Nathalie said...

it is really cute ! what make is it ?

Chic and Charming said...

I took this photo in Macy's. The make is Barbie by Patricia Field. If you click on her name in my post, it is actually a link to her online store.

Nathalie said...

Thanks :) I hope they ll deliver to Ireland :)

Cakespy said...

No way! Patricia Field rocks my world. I am going to have to try one on next time I am in Macy's. I love it.

The Paris Apartment said...

Patricia seems to come up with fresh stuff, all day everyday! I love her too!

Traci Anne said...

RE: Hanson.
UGH, SERIOUSLY. I mean, BabyHanson is a YEAR younger than me and I always thought of him as the baby, even during Hansonmania when I was like, 12. And now they ALL have kids?!

Also, hmmmm, wondering if they have this at the Patricia Field store in NYC? Innnnteresting...