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22 November 2007

Fetherston, take two

I went back to Target again today and browsed the GO collection to see if anything new had come in, and, surprise, it had! So, I finally tried on the purple tiered dress. The spaghetti strap portion of the dress looks incredibly CHEAP, and I cannot say that the dress was particularly flattering as a dress. I'm not sure what possessed me, but I decided to pull the dress down to see how it would look as a skirt, and it looked incredible. In fact, if the dress had not reeked of wet dog and had been made of silk or cotton, instead of polyester, I might have taken it home with me...but only to wear as a skirt.

I also scoped out the winter coats...which were quite a disappointment! The black one has these weird ruffle details on the shoulders that make them look like some sort of B movie alien costume.

The last thing I checked out was a black long sleeve shirt with a cream velvet ribbon detail. I found the shirt to be flattering and fun, but in the end decided to leave it as I already own about a million long sleeve shirts, which never see the light of day because I end up wearing them under itchy wool anyway.

Still no accessories...maybe next time.


Ashe said...

I managed to check out the Erin Fetherston collection yesterday! While several of the pieces were cute, such as the red silk dress, I was really disappointed with the winter coats (especially the big velvet heart on the back-- it took it out of the realm of "professional").However, I gotta say... I was kind of loving the bunny rabbit print stuff. Crazy!

Fashion Trend Guide said...

I bought a lot of pieces from this collection! I love the bunny print thermals, but I passed on the bunny print dress although it fit well. I liked the wool coats, although they were too long on my petite frame.