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14 November 2007

Gossip Girl Gossip

What is up with Momma Humphery (Susan Misner) looking as young as her kids? She is only listed as a guest star, I smell a trip back to the art colony.
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a. said...

Blech - she was awful!!!! Let's hope she goes back upstate soon!

Ondo Lady said...

So is that what she looks like? Hmm I cannot wait to watch this episode over the weekend. I also think that Nate's Mum looks really young and also Dan looks and acts way older than his Dad. What's up with that? As you fine Yankies say.

Allie_in_Ga said...

I didn't like her either! Last night's episode was great though! I am really liking Blair and Chuck!!!

ralcony said...

loved last night's episode! i started watching it for something to fall asleep to but I just couldn't sleep! it was so great!

Catherine said...

The mom just looked gross. Like she starved away all her body fat and had to use a curling iron on her hair to pretend that her hair wasn't falling out from lack of nutrition. It was something else, too, like all of the moms on this show. Neck tendons and and bug eyes.

Loving chuck and blair!