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14 November 2007

Project Runway Report


So, I guess I am officially a television addict. Here are the top five lessons from episode one of Project Runway Season Four:
  1. Elisa is nuts and will most likely be kicked off next week.
  2. People who work for Ralph Lauren develop a lovely preppy taste for hot pink and sleek silhouettes (yum yum, Jillian).
  3. I will never tire of the dramatic designs of costume designers turned PR contestants (I miss you Austin Scarlett). Thus, with his silken plum dream, Chris won Sophia's heart in this challenge.
  4. From the looser Simone: Tailoring (ie sewing a dress with only one seam and a hideous "fabric poop") trumps taste (ie a beigey slip dress). Either that or Simone was just not as crazy as Elisa and they wanted to add some drama to the show.
  5. From the winner, Rami: Designers don't care about your boobs. Honestly, if Rami's dress gives a model's boobs the national geographic sag, is there any hope for real women? Most of the judges are women! Hello! Nina should be forced to wear this design next week. OH, and by the way that was a toga inspired dress, and it was described as "new and modern." The only thing less modern than a toga is a loin cloth.
So, did you love Elisa? Did you think Rami's dress was divine? I do love a good debate, so please leave me your thoughts! I also encourage you to leave links to your Project Runway posts in the comments section.

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a. said...

I fell asleep about halfway through so I have to catch up on the end tonight. Looks like it's going to be a very interesting season!

Allie_in_Ga said...

I really liked how the started the season designing something to define them with nice fabrics, rather than tissue paper or something. I thought Rami's dress looked like something J.Lo would would wear, but not really modern. It should be an interesting season.

Chic and Charming said...

Mrs. P, I totally agree! It was so fabulous that the designers could start out the season with such fabulous materials!

MMM said...

We had a premier party last night. I agree with your comments and can't wait for next week!

Miss Janey said...

Miss Janey is in LOVE with Chris, too. His dress was her fave.

gilda said...

i loved austin!!! when he says "oh my", i wanna hug him.

and although i like that elisa is a little crazy and loud in her designs (which is always a good thing), i can't believe she actually stopped work to freakin' sleep!!! WHAT!!! i was so p*ssed when i saw that! like, hello you're having the chance of a lifetime and you NAP!?!? go home already.